Kevin Murcko

CEO in Tallinn, Estonia

Kevin Murcko

CEO in Tallinn, Estonia

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Kevin Murcko is a known face in the retail FX world, his company FXPIG was a pioneer in bringing transparency to retail FX, garnering him the unofficial title of one of the most transparent CEOs in the financial industry.

A Crypto Enthusiast before the term was even a 'thing', Kevin brought transparency to Forex and continually pushes to close the profit gap between institutional and retail traders.

As the founder of CoinMetro and a founding board member of the European Crypto Association he is now looking to help shape a tokenized future.

Kevin is open and eager to speak on a multitude of topics including; tokenized securities, regulations, compliance, liquidity, market making, wash trading, the state of the market, or really any related topics.

Some of his previous speaking engagements include;

Permanent guest on covering Crypto Market Analysis with host Jessica Walker twice per week via a live video stream

Futurama Summit Montenegro | June 2019 | Multiple Topics Including STO, IEO, Regulatory Overview, Quant Trading/AI, and more...

Finance Estonia Forum 2019 | March 2019 | “ICO=IPO?”

Hong Kong Blockchain Week | March 2019 | “Will Regulation Help or Hurt Crypto?”

Paris Blockchain Summit 2019 | January 2019 | “Will Regulation Kill or Improve Crypto Asset Industry?”

Cryptoeconomy ICO 2018 | February 2018 | “Learning from History: What can Forex teach us?

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