Kevin Murcko

CEO and Founder in Tallinn, Estonia

Kevin Murcko

CEO and Founder in Tallinn, Estonia

A thought leader in FX, Crypto, Blockchain and Financial Regulation focusing on removing barriers and bringing real substantive change to capital markets globally. Kevin does not just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk, frequently advising regulators and government bodies on matters relating to applying current regulations to new financial markets and instruments, regulatory sandboxes, and related topics.

As the founder of CoinMetro, a co-founder of Ignium, and a founding board member of the European Crypto Association he is now looking to help shape a tokenised future.

Kevin Murcko is a known face in the retail FX world, his company FXPIG was a pioneer in bringing transparency to retail FX, garnering him the unofficial title of one of the most transparent CEOs in the financial industry.

Kevin is an expert on a multitude of topics including; tokenised securities, regulations, compliance, liquidity and risk management, trade and reg-tech, capital markets, economics, blockchain... if it has to do with financial markets or fintech in general Kevin can speak to it.

Some of his previous speaking engagements are outlined below and include events both inside and outside of the traditional fin-tech industry;


CryptoFin Conference / October 14th & 15th 2019 / Tallinn, Estonia / Spoke on varied topics including; Tokenization, the future of banking, and regulation

IBA Annual Conference / September 26th 2019 / Seoul, South Korea / "Capital Market Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges“

24th Annual Milocer Development Forum / September 16th & 17th 2019 / Cetinje, Montenegro / "New Financial Instruments“

Futurama Summit / June 2019 / Tivat, Montenegro / "Multiple topics both as a panelist and a moderator covering tokenization, regulation, asset types, etc“

Paris Blockchain Summit / April 2019 / Paris, France / |Will regulation kill or improve crypto asset Industry?“

Finance Estonia Forum 2019 / March 2019 / Tallinn, Estonia / "ICO=IPO?”

Hong-Kong Blockckain Week / March 2019 / Hong Kong / "Will regulation kill Crypto?“

Cryptoeconomy ICO 2018 / January 2018 / London, UK / "Learning from History: What can Forex teach us?"


If you want to chat with Kevin about a possible speaking engagement, get a quote for an upcoming article, or simply pick his brain on a specific topic please click on the 'Book Time with me' link at the top of this page.

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